[Otome game] Under the Moon [First Impressions]

While trying to figure out why my HNKNA game won’t fu**ing open I decided to blog some otome games I’ve been playing recently and Under the Moon is one of them.

First of all, Under the Moon is a 18+ otome game so you’ll have some hentai scenes in it. I personally don’t mind hentai. Actually, usually I skip the hentai parts by pushing CTRL like crazy when I really don’t have to watch it so if you don’t bear hentai but want to play the game either way just use CTRL xD they don’t say many useful things when they’re at IT anyway. xD

*coughs* Let’s get to business…


Summary: You play as Princess Ashe, the daughter of the Demon Lord (O_o). Your dad’s about to die, and you’re not powerful enough a demon to take over as Demon Queen, so you instead venture out of your castle, together with your winged talkative black cat guardian, Kyle, in search for the new Demon Lord candidate. Upon stepping out however, the two Demon Lord candidates, Leni and Seizh, are uninterested in the position. What’s worse is that upon stepping out the boundaries of your castle, you’ve lost all your powers. (*sigh* and this is just for making you powerless xD this smells like hentai game xD) Now, you are forced to live with the two candidates, and attend the same school they do until you manage to force them to come back with you to the Demon Castle.

More or less the plot it as above. Certainly, Leni and Seizh aren’t the only “capture-able” characters in this game, but Kyle (who can actually transform into a semi-human – semi-cat demon), Sena (the always cheerful classmate of yours), Mr. ???/later called Zero/ and a secret character called Unan are also “capture-able”. ^^
Another thing you should know is that almost each character have 6 different endings derived from your answers. These 6 different endings are divided into 3 endings for the Pure Love route and 3 other endings for the Love&Hate Route.
Now you may be asking yourselves “what are Pure Love and Love&hate routes?”
The answer is simple: In the Pure Love route, the respective guy loves you and only you in an innocent and pure way (…with some exceptions…>>), while in the Love&Hate route the respective guy “loves” you but prefers treating you as a kind of sex slave. > *cough*

An unbelievable (and really convenient for those that can’t read kanji) thing is that the game is fully voiced. Even YOU have a voice! so let’s throw our hands up in the air and scream YAAAY! xD

My first impression on the characters was pretty good. I like their design. The originality is the same as in every otome game. The males are stereotypical images of the silent, unsociable main male leader (Leni), the always smiling and gentle looking guy (Seizh), the innocent, clumsy guy (Kyle), the sportive, flamboyant,always cheerful, flirty male classmate (Sena), the mysterious guy (Mr. ???) and the secret character (Unan). ^^
The protagonist, Princess Ashe, or the “you” in the game, is the typical moe lolita that you love and hate at the same time. I personally like her innocence and naiveté and I strongly think she really is one of the cutest lolitas ever but I hate when she starts being a masochist and as dull as a chicken. (sorry to chickens…>>)

About Sugar-Beans, the developer of this game, I can’t say much. Under the Moon is the first otome game from this company that I played and I didn’t even finish the game just yet so I can’t say much.
What I noticed is that they put a great deal of effort in their CGs to make it look as shiny and beautiful as they should be. Thumbs up to that. ^^ Also, the fact that they made the “you” from the game a Demon Princess was just epic. I mean, which of you didn’t dream sometime about being a demon princess with awesome powers, fluffy bed and pillows and a black cute cat to pat everyday?! xD I did!!!! *O*

Till now, this game made me scream a lot of “WTF?!”s and “OMG!”s at some parts so if you want to play it, be careful in what you put yourself into xD

From the next post, my ranting about UTM different routes start. Since Mr. ??? was my first capture I’m going to blog him. ^^ <- yeah right, Neko never plays the main guy first xD Not my fault he seemed the most appealing out of everybody xD

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5 Responses to “[Otome game] Under the Moon [First Impressions]”

  1. Emiliana Says:

    I want to play this game sooo badly!! lol
    But I dont know where to find it, and if thats not the
    least of my problems, I totally don’t understand Japanese!!! lol
    Do you think they are ever going to make an english sub ?
    Where did you get your copy from?
    Im pretty new at this whole otome field :: sighs:: ;-;
    Can you help me please lol

    • Neko-chan Says:

      till now I didn’t hear about anybody working on an English patch for UTM and I doubt this will happen soon, unfortunately.
      if you want to buy the game you can go to play-asia.com.
      Hope I was helpful ^^

  2. Jessi-chan Says:

    Ah, someone else is playing this too! xD
    Btw, I don’t know if you are aware, but you have the logo for the prequel of the game up there: Under The Moon Crescent. Not sure if you played it yet, but I strongly recommend it after UTM, since it answers a lot of questions that are left over.

    Anyway. I find that Zero and Kyle are my favorite. I guess cuz they are both much older than the heroine, and I’ve always liked older men, hehe. They both have a very mature side to them. :]

    I’m still trying to get Unan (or is it Yunan?). I read from capture guides that I need to get the endings and CGs for Seizh and Reni, and that it should start automatically after I click “Begin.” My album shows that I have all the endings and CG for them both, but it’s still not working. D:
    Did I misunderstand something? D;

    How has it been so far for you, though? Have you gotten through Zero’s route?

    • Neko-chan Says:

      about your first statement. Yes I know I have the logo of under the moon crescent but I didn’t find the logo of just under the moon so I added that to occupy some space xDDD but no, I didn’t play that yet but I want to play it for some clearings in Sena’s route that left me with a sore taste in my mouth….lol I’m sure you know why xD

      Zero is just adorable. I didn’t finish Kyle’s yet though but I do like older men too xD

      as i heard he’s called Unan. and as I understood (though I don’t remember where I read it) you can get Unan by getting Seizh and Reni’s endings but he’ll appear randomly in the middle of the game or something like that…I guess even the game choices are a bit tricky to get to him…O_o I’d try to get him after I finish with Kyle, Seizh and Reni. Since this is a hentai game I have to play it when my parents aren’t home xDD

      and yes, I’ve finished Zero and Sena and I’m almost at the ending of Kyle ^^ *still disappointed with Sena*……..=_=

  3. Hash23 Says:

    Hey can anyone tell me how to get the CG of Leni giving roses to Ashe?

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